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5K on Sunday

I did not want to get up early. I usually relax on Sundays, but we had to get going to the 5K for Celebrate Differences!

The 5K was a fundraiser for Celebrate Differences. It was not easy to park in downtown Oswego, it was way too crowded. Each person who registered received a t-shirt, and Stormy got a goody bag! They had free bananas and free water!

Our walking team consisted of Stormy, Claire, mom, and me. Our running team consisted of Anthony and dad. The walking part was hard. It took a long time. It was not 100% sunny. The walkers finished before the runners. I had to wait for mom and Claire to finish, I was walking with Stormy ahead of the curve. Then we waited a long time for the runners to finish. Dad was the slowest one, it was his first 5K.

When the walk/race was done, we went to Panera Bread for some breakfast. It's always fun at Panera!!!

After breakfast, we went home. I did not feel energized later in the day, I felt very tired. I saved some energy for bowling later in the day. I don't believe in naps!

Consider supporting the 5K next year!

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