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Aurora, IL

Gayle is my friend, one of my many besties.  Alex is asking the questions and answering in Gayle's voice. The topic is Gayle's birthday celebration.





Q: How old are you now?
A: 34 years old, but people think I look younger.

Q: What's your favorite thing at Culver's?

A: What else, the whipped cream of course!!!


Q: Are you happy?

A: Yes, but sometimes I answer this question with an inappropriate phrase which shall remain classified.

Q: How does it feel to be 34?
A: How would I know?  I just turned 34 a few hours ago!!!

Q: Did you or did you not invite a dog to your party?
A: It was not my idea to bring a dog to the party, she is laying low, her name is Lilo.

Q: Where is she laying low?
A: Not Hawaii, she's in a purse.

Q: Are you worried that they will make the dog leave the restaurant?
A: We just need to keep the dog safe, she's so small, she won't hurt anybody, not even a fly!



Q: Did you get any presents?
A: Well I received some lovely socks from this strange family, but I accepted them nonetheless.

Q: Are we going to pull an all-nighter?
A: Me, pull an all-nighter?  I'm only 34, give me a break!

Q: Where do you want to celebrate your birthday next year?
A: Any place where they have whipped cream!!





Lilo and Shadow

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