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Orchard Road, Aurora, IL

We got in there, placed our order, got drinks, and sat down at a table.  There was a light crowd in the restaurant.


Mom picked up our food.  I had a caesar salad and creamy tomato soup with croutons.  Soup was OK, salad was phenomenal.  We did not order dessert.  Hard not to get tempted by the desserts because you can see them when you are ordering.  The staff was very nice.


The tables were all cleaned!


I might go there again.  Croutons in the soup was weird, I did not expect that.  LOL.  Maybe next time I'll ask for no croutons in my soup.


We left our plates on the table.  Sometimes staff come to your table to take your plates away, they probably did that after we left.  Anything is possible.


What's your favorite menu item at Panera?

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