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Naperville, IL

Allie is a cat, Alex is a human.  Alex is asking the questions and answering in Allie's voice.


Q:  Have you had any good dreams lately?

A:  I'm in dreamland right now.


Q:  What's your favorite food?

A:  Friskies® Party Mix!


Q: What's your favorite color?

A:  Black, it's all me.


Q:  How's it going?

A:  Great, thanks for asking.


Q:  Do you know any tricks?

A:  I can do a somersault.  And I tried to climb a wall but my feet were slippery and I crashed!


Q:  Do you stay awake at night?

A:  Yes, because I'm an owl inside.


Q:  Where'd you get all that fur?

A:  I inherited it from my family.


Q:  Do you purr a lot?

A:  I have a quiet voice, so sometimes I might be purring but you may not hear me.


Q:  Who do you like better:  Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel?

A:  It depends on the guest.



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