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Raising Money at a Cubs Game

The McCook Police Department in Chicago held the Second Annual Rooftop Fundraiser for Special Olympics on July 8. We visited with people in the area and talked about Special Olympics. We sold raffle tickets all the way up to the very top of the rooftop. We were way up high, like on the 6th floor!

During the game, there was free dinner. We got it after we checked in. I had Italian sausage with ketchup and mustard, and chips. It was catered by Buona Beef. They had brownie bites and cookies, which we saved for the way home once we were on the highway. On the way there, we stopped at McDonald's. It was a good food day!

Even though the Cubs lost the game 4 - 2, it was a fun game. On the way back, Sheila was so thirsty so we stopped at McDonald's again and we got water. We got home really late, around 11:30.

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