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The Life and Times of Vladimir Boutonniere*


(*as told to Alexander Kotas)

It was a not-so-dark and stormy night.  Nervous, I arrived at a school in Oswego, Illinois.

Bam!  It was like Hollywood.  Red carpet!  Paparazzi camera flashes!!  My first prom!!!


Suddenly, I was pinned to some guy’s lapel.  I knew I would be stuck with him all evening.  I hope he likes fun!


We moved forward into the hall.  It was filled with tables, chairs, sparkling lights and golden balloons.  A DJ was playing the Cha-Cha Slide and there were people dancing everywhere.


I smelled the delicious aroma of food and when it was time to eat there was pasta, salad and breadsticks.  I filled my plate and sat down for some grub.  Boutonnieres LOVE pasta!


Stomach full, I waited for a limousine ride.  While waiting, I was crowned King of the Prom!

After spending some time in a quiet room dancing, chatting and making new friends, our ride arrived.  We walked to the limo and climbed inside.  It was heavenly - white and very long, with comfortable seats.  My eyes widened … free Coke!  I gulped it down, thirsty after all that dancing!

I wanted a second limo ride, but the end of the evening had come.  All-in-all, I had lots of fun.  I hope I can go next year!


~ Yours truly,



What will Vladimir’s next adventure be? 
Stay tuned!

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