V.B. ❤ 's Bocce!

Yesterday I attended the NCIW Bocce event @ North Central College in Naperville.


The morning was sunny and bright, kind of cool - perfect Bocce weather.  I helped to set up the Bocce courts.  It was difficult, yet when the games began, I was ready to watch the fun begin!

V.B. in grass

My friends on the B-Buddies team played against student athletes.  Some of the athletes had never played Bocce before.  The scores ran neck-in-neck throughout most of the games.  The B-Buddies did fantastic on doubles and everyone laughed and had a great time.

To celebrate the games, we went upstairs to a meeting room and had lunch.  It was phenomenal!  There were sandwiches, chips, salads and, my favorite … dessert!!!


All in all, it was a fun-filled day.  Can’t wait for next year!

NEXT WEEK ..... V.B. dunks his donut .....


Respectfully submitted, your flowery correspondent,

What will Vladimir’s next adventure be? 
Stay tuned!