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V.B. Goes to Madison Street Theatre

Finally, a trip to the theatre. I was so excited to go see Big Fish! I rode with my friends and the car ride was enjoyable. There sure is a lot of traffic in Chicago!

After I arrived at Madison Street Theatre, I waited in the lobby. The lobby was kind of small, but there were drinks and snacks. I watched as my friend Alex ate delicious Sour Skittles. I wish I could have eaten some, but I can't move my mouth!

Here's a picture of me posing by the Big Fish poster.

Here's a shot taken near the stage before the play began. The stage sets were colorful and interesting and made me smile.

I really enjoyed the play. There were laughs, lots of singing and some drama. There was also a bit of sadness. There wasn't a dry eye in the house at the end of the play.

Stay tuned to see where I am headed next!

Your faithful correspondent,


What will Vladimir’s next adventure be? 
Stay tuned!

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