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Joliet, IL

Stormy is a dog, Alex is a human.  Alex is asking the questions and answering in Stormy's voice. The topic is the recent service dog certification test.


Q:  I heard the test was in a mall - why a mall?

A:  Because that's where Donna sent me.


Q:  Did you smell any of your favorite food?

A:  I'm experimenting with food lately.


Q: What color was the floor?

A:  White, and it was clean.


Q:  What was the first command you were tested on?

A:  To sit down underneath a table and just lay there.


Q:  Do you do any tricks?

A:  No tricks involved this time. 


Q:  Did you have nightmares about this test before it happened?

A:  Of course, what kind of question is that?


Q:  Did you want to go shopping during the test?

A:  Yes, there was a store called H&M.


Q:  Did you bark a lot?

A:  No I just looked at some people.


Q:  When is your next test?

A:  I'm having an interview now.  Please call back later and I'll get to you ASAP.



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