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 Vet's Office

location TBD

My cat needs to go to the vet sometimes.  She just went yesterday.  Unfortunately, I think she has a virus.


The adventure begins with getting the cat in her carrier.  Mom has to grab her so she doesn't run away.  She runs away when she sees the carrier.  Maybe we can bribe her with a treat next time.


When we get into the vet's office, a nurse checks us into the specialized cat room. When it's time to get out of the carrier, Dr. Brian Peters has to grab her, she won't come out on her own, although she does not hiss at the doctor.  She's a Burmese cat, has a great personality.  She is nervous, meowing loudly in the car.  She calms herself down at the vet's office usually. 


She sat still on the scale when they weighed her. She got a shot.  She wanted to be in her carrier.


She'll have to go back for a follow-up visit.  We all hope she's better by then!


Would love to hear any crazy stories about how your cat reacts when being taken to the vet!

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