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Wings Anyone?

Special Olympics has many fundraisers, and they had one at Buffalo Wild Wings in Aurora in association with the Aurora Police Department! The parents did not take pictures, because they were too lazy to bring out their cameras. So use your imagination!

My job was to be in charge of the sales table: you could buy tshirts, hats and raffle tickets among other items. When they sell things, some of that money goes back to Special Olympics.

First we ate dinner because it was a small crowd. The officers were taking orders and bringing the food to the table. Some customers made donations without buying anything.

While we ate, we watched TV and I was entertained by Japanese wrestling. America won, USA #1!

We don't know how much money the Aurora Police Department raised, they never told us. I did get to see Officer Lisa, that was a highlight of the day.

It's all over for now, but it will come back as an event next year. And there are other fundraisers coming up, Culvers and Red Robin!

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