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Bye Bye Birdie Experience

On June 5, 2016, I performed in 2 shows of Bye Bye Birdie playing Albert. This is the second time that I have played an older character. He's the President of his own music company in New York City. This production was a huge success!!!

In this photo, we have Katie, me, MaryAnn and Jack in the foreground. In the background we see Billy (Sound & Lighting) and Ryan with his mom.

In this next photo, we have Mrs. Peterson, my mother, played by Elisabeth, and me.

Here we have me, Katie, Melanie, Heather one of our Directors, and Rachel.

Here I am. I'd like to take this opportunity to point out the set piece in the background. I call it the sad-shaped guitar. To me it looks like it has a face, and that face is sad. Just my opinion.

A comedic part of the show is when I demand coffee from Agnes, played by Erin. "Agnes, I need coffee NOW!!!" [Audience laughs]

I'm with the Teens doing a dance break during "Put On A Happy Face". It was a great group effort.

We hope the audience enjoyed the show and all the music in it. See you next time!!!

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