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Season 5 - Friend or Foe

A cake gets wheeled on a table into the Krusty Krab. Although no one knows who's pushing the cake yet. The cake only has 1 candle on it. Plankton jumps out of the cake saying "Surprise, Happy Birthday Krabs"! He then places balloons, which turn out to be destructive. And then places a gigantic gumball near the Krusty Krab safe where Mr. Krabs keeps the formula and his money. He tries to swipe the formula and almost wins, but SpongeBob turns on the ceiling fan and catches him once and for all.

The formula lands inside SpongeBob's stomach. He will need surgery to remove it. Meanwhile Plankton says "you'll rue the day you were born Krabs". Then Plankton gets thrown back to the Chum Bucket.

SpongeBob appears out of nowhere asking Mr. Krabs "Why Mr. Krabs, why does he hate us so"? Krabs starts telling the story that it's all his fault and that he and Plankton were friends at birth. A flashback shows baby Mr. Krabs and Plankton at Poisidon Elementary School. Plankton says "Goo" and Krabs laughs.

A flashback shows a young Mrs. Krabs laying out rags for Mr. Krabs, giving him the later title of rag boy. Krabs says "It was true, my mom had to fashion my clothes out of rags". They go to the local burger joint called Stinky Burgers, back then it was the only place to get a burger. The kids loved Stinky. And Stinky loved the kids. Stinky humiliates Krabs and Plankton saying that if you want burgers, go around to the back of the restaurant. The kids in the restaurant said "Thanks for keeping the nerds out". Stinky left in a limo to enjoy retirement. Just then, a dollar bill flies out of Stinky's truck. The two then realize that to make more money, they need to make burgers.

The next clip shows Plankton and Krabs at the dump trying to make a burger. Their first customer is a young Old Man Jenkins. He appears to be smiling. Soon immediately after, a newspaper rotates 360, the headline: PLAB Burgers k-o'd Old Man Jenkins. The two then start to argue over what k-o'd Old Man Jenkins. Their squabble gave each of them half of the recipe.

Plankton slams the door and the perfect patty ingredients go into a cooking pot. Mr. Krabs then says "I've done it, I've discovered the perfect patty batter". Karen the computer wife continues narrating the story. She says "Meanwhile they decide to compete against whose burger is better". Plankton made his own recipe using memory and science and gives a customer a burger. Meanwhile Krabs gives a customer his burger. Krabs' customer actually loves his burger saying they can actually hold it down.

The clip ends with Plankton saying "you want to fight over this recipe Krabs? Then I'll give you a fight you'll never forget".

The clip ends and goes back to the restaurant, Krabs laughs saying "My burgers always have been and always will be the best". Karen says "I can't believe a recipe like that would ruin your friendship". They hug but it turns out to be sabotage. The main plot of the episode ends with SpongeBob, Krabs and Karen with Plankton on top chasing around the front of the restaurant. The end of the main plot.

The sub-plot finds the French narrator noticing Patchy the Pirate cooking burgers! Patchy says to the viewers that he and his sidekick Potty the Parrot took jobs working at a fast food restaurant to be just like their hero SpongeBob SquarePants. Patchy invents 3 patties, all of them Potty dislikes. This is a short time for Patchy not to be friends with Potty anymore. He cries saying "It's not the first time a burger has come between 2 chums, it happened once in Bikini Bottom. Here, take a look while I pull myself together."

Later we find Patchy at the same restaurant, who appears to somehow have rats in the kitchen. Potty instructs him he must wash his hands at all times. Patchy's rebuttal is "What, every time?" They go on and on with Patchy asking "What kind of Pirate wears a hairnet? The same kind who wears a Kiss the Cook t-shirt". Patchy is now fed up at Potty, and attempts to throw ingredients at him. A montage is showing Patchy attempting to make burgers correctly. The final clip shows Patchy outside the restaurant telling the audience that he's catching up on his reading. Potty's rebuttal "You got fired"! Patchy remarks "You got fired too!". Potty's last comment to one-up Patchy is "I got a golden parachute". Patchy then thinks that they can never replace him, but Potty squawks saying "looks like they already did". The camera moves quickly to the right and it has turned out that a gorilla now works at Patchy's station. The gorilla gives Patchy his commeupance by throwing ingredients at him (executive producer Paul Tibbitt is underneath the gorilla suit, it is unknown who is wearing it). Patchy says "wait, stop, I have a tomato allergy". The announcer of this 2-part special episode, the French narrator, closes the episode.

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