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Good Day for Golfing

Exactly one week ago, Sheila, Randy and I went to Geneva to help at this golfing site. I was chosen for this event because I am a Special Olympics Global Messenger. It was a fundraiser for Special Olympics. We helped the players and guided them at Hole 5. We rode golf carts to get there. It was my first time riding in a golf cart - I was scared to death! I had to really hang on. Sheila didn't think she was going to make it either!

I got to meet some interesting people like Richard Nye, a former Cubs player and veterinarian.

It was hot that day and sunny and windy. It got a bit stormy looking. They gave us free lunch. They gave us free dinner later on. It was a long wait towards the ending. We rode back to the clubhouse in the golf cart.

We were served dinner first. Then me and Randy were asked to come to the podium. Once we spoke, they had a raffle and auction. The best item up for bid was a Cubs championship poster. We wanted to bid but we couldn't. We were advised not to by Sheila. Towards the end of the raffle, a golfer approached me and gave me my very first golf club!!! It's a wedge club.

We were offered drinks from the wine bar, but we declined. We had soft drinks instead.

The day was fantastic!!! I was pretty tired after a long day. It was a fun day none the less.

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