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The Perfect Night

Getting ready! I was getting ready for the Special Needs Prom! The theme was a masquerade / Mardi Gras party. I knew several people who were going: Caitlin, Gayle, Randy, Rachel, Erin, Gabby, Maryann, April, Zack, Stephanie. Also Cinderella and Prince Charming showed up!

I walked the red carpet on the way in, much like you would see at a Hollywood premiere. I got a boutonniere. There was face painting / arm painting while they played some great songs. Why get your face painted when you can get your arm painted?

The dancing began. They kept the lights bright while people were coming in. We were taught new dance moves like the shimmy.

There were other areas to explore -

Limo rides: They may have not had free Coke (like last year), but it was still fun. Perhaps because the catering was different. This year was Chick-fil-A.

Eating: We went to eat, there was less food than last year. I had a gluten-free cupcake, some fruit and chicken nuggets with honey mustard dipping sauce.

I went off with Sheila and Gayle to the first of two photo booths. To help me reach Gayle's height, they placed a chair for me to sit it. We got a great pic!

Karaoke: I sang the infamous hit song "Big Girls Don't Cry" by Frankie Valli especially to/for Gayle. She loved it!

Photo booth: That was one of the most commemorable highlights of the night. The photos we took were actually pretty hilarious! I wore a jester cap, Gayle wore a mask.

And then it was time for one last dance. I asked Maryann for a last dance, and we danced! Definitely the most memorable dance of the evening and in general for that night.

Perfect way to end the perfect night!

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