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Calling All Officers

The Aurora Police Department invited Randy, Caitlin, Gayle, Sheila and I to "roll call" to talk about Special Olympics. Roll call is when the police officers get ready for their shift. Sheila helped us decide what to say to the police officers. We were educating the police officers about Special Olympics hoping that more officers will help out with future Special Olympics fundraisers.

We have helped the Aurora Police Department with some fundraisers like: Red Robin, Culvers, Dunkin Donuts Cop on a Rooftop, Buffalo Wild Wings, Polar Plunge. At these fundraisers, we help sell t-shirts, hats, raffle tickets, pins and accept donations to Special Olympics.

At roll call, I talked about what sports I participate in. We helped sell merchandise to the police officers, which I enjoy. After all I have years of practice!

We had practiced the speech the night before at Culvers. Sheila did the writing, mom did the typing into a Powerpoint slideshow. I used my own laptop to give the presentation.

Word of advice: do not call any police officers "ma'am" if you're not sure if they are a woman. Otherwise you'll be embarrassed.

If you want to learn more about the Aurora Police Department, visit their Facebook page.

Disclaimer: Photos on this page Copyright 2017 Aurora Police Department

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