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Acrobats in Aurora

My parents, grandma and I went to see the Golden Dragon Acrobats at the Paramount Theatre in Aurora. The show was fantastic! We sat very close to the sound effects/music machine. Grandma mentioned that it would be so tempting to press one or all of the buttons. I thought she was serious, I almost felt like doing it myself.

There were a lot of great acts. There was an act called the Pole Act. That had people cartwheeling and jumping through hoops connected to the pole. There were various events. The one that got the best LOL had a man about way up in the air, stacking 10 chairs, then climbing on top of every single one of them. He was so high up we thought he would touch the camera. And he was doing handstands way up there and headstands. Mom had to close her eyes! I thought the man was going to jump off. He climbed back down.

Everybody like it, who wouldn't? I would definitely attend another acrobat show!

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