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To, this will be the greatest performance of all time. I'm going to be starting a new class where we recreate a radio show from the 1950's. We will be using an authentic vintage Radio Play script. We will create a variety of character voices, make sound effects, address the new stories of the day and create original commercials for the show! We will present our final show – in full costume – to an audience at 7:30pm on May 24, 2017 in our Theatre Studio.

I am very interested in sound effects and in sound in general. I notice sound effects in cartoons going all the way back to when radio shows were around. Practically every cartoon from 1930's to present uses really great sound effects.

When a character comes into a room and closes a door, you might hear a creaking sound and the sound of the door actually closing - makes it much more interesting!

There are many different types of sound effects: one of my favorite is Tympup A - it is played on a tympani drum. Basically that sound effect goes all the way back to Looney Tunes. Listen to this:

There are many different versions of this sound effect. Mainly I remember it in the old Scooby Doo cartoons from the late 1960-1970's. In this instance, the sound effect would normally be heard when a character is jumping on a trampoline.

Here's another classic, one that goes from Looney Tunes to SpongeBob: click here

For the class, we'll get familiar with the script then find sound effects to match the script.

I am looking forward to the class, who wouldn't?

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