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Bowling during the Super Bowl

On Sunday night, I got to watch the Super Bowl while I was bowling.

It was a usual Sunday schedule ... we went to Main Event in Warrenville, to the bowling alley portion like usual. We got checked in because we are in a league. We went to the lane they told us to go to. As you can tell here, it was the very last one (see above).

Sheila brought a football board game as seen in the picture. We played the board game for big-time prizes while we were bowling. I won a prize 4 times!!! We had our choice between Starburst or chewing gum LOL! Meanwhile as we were playing, the Super Bowl came on all the TVs that they had.

We watched the Super Bowl half-time show. It wasn't what we were expecting (we would have preferred to see Taylor Swift or Katy Perry).

I won the first bowling game (and my first bowling game win). We opted for a more healthy diet. Caitlin had mini tacos, I had a ceasar salad, Rachel had the usual (quesadillas), can't remember what Randy had.

There were not too many people watching the Super Bowl at Main Event. They were probably watching it at home.

We finished bowling just as the half-time show finished. I watched the last quarter of the game at home with my father. It went into overtime for the "first time in forever".

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