Two Birthdays in One Week

Pictured, left to right, we have me, my cousin Claire, and my brother Jakob. This was one of the two birthday parties that I had. The other one was more official.

The first birthday party was officially at BD's Mongolian Grill. I ate an assortment of foods. It is one of my favorite restaurants. There was no singing at the restaurant, fortunately. It was little cold in the restaurant, but I didn't freeze. We were sitting next to the window, which made it cold. We had no choice, that's where the waitress put us. It was pretty crowded. You get into a line, choose your food, and watch them cook it. My brother is a vegetarian so we couldn't order any meat. We did not get dessert because I knew I was getting dessert at the other party.

We went to Barnes and Noble first to kill some time because my father didn't want to be alone at the restaurant. I got a few comics and a new magazine.

Birthday celebration #2 was at Olive Garden. I had chicken and shrimp cannelloni and plain tea to drink. This time I was with my parents, my Grandma, and my Uncle Mike. I got a SpongeBob balloon from my Grandma's friend. We didn't need to wait for a table, we were seated right away. Stormy was initially going to come with, but he couldn't.

Earlier in the day, we stopped at Jewel and got a oreo cookies and cream cheesecake. We ate it later in the day at Grandma's house. It was delicious! We might have 1 slice left.

How does it feel to be 23? It's like the new year, it takes a while to get used to it. Initially I was going to be born on the 11th, but I was born on the 12th. I'm just another year older!

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