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Three in a Row

Once upon a time, in a faraway magical land known as Batavia IL, a great basketball game was being played. We won our third consecutive game!!!

I played pretty well. I didn't make any baskets but I played a lot of defense, with a lot of rebounding. I did not get to shoot much. A player from the other team #45 was surrounding me and putting her arms way above mine to block me. For the first 2 or 3 minutes, nobody scored. Later on in the 4th quarter the score was us 20, them 8. I was getting nervous because the more points we made, the other team would make more points just as easily. I didn't want them to catch up. But Sheri told me to be positive, and with that we won. The final score was 20-12.

You name it, they did it. Alex on our team did not show up. They call me AK. #45, #32 and #33 were the most brutal players on the other team. They all did various things. The referee did not catch any of these issues, for example, traveling. They were too aggressive.

Next week is a home game, then an away game the following week. And we have a tournament coming up on Sunday the 29th.

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