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The Little Mermaid

"THE BLOCKBUSTER DISNEY MOVIE COMES TO LIFE in this awe-inspiring Paramount Theatre production that’s perfect holiday fun for all ages. Ariel, Scuttle, Sebastian and the entire underwater world come to life as they embark on Ariel’s quest for love. With Paramount’s legendary full-orchestra, exquisitely-crafted underwater creatures (some towering over 13 feet!), a stunning set and heartwarming songs, this is the musical production Chicagoland will be talking about this holiday season."

It was a great show! My Grandma got tickets for 3 events, this was the first show that we went to. The next one we're going to is Jesus Christ Superstar, and then Golden Dragon Acrobats.

We used valet parking, but we ended up at the valet for the casino by mistake. We went inside, went down an escalator, through a door, took the sidewalk, went thru the crosswalk, and we were finally there. Now we know NOT to use that valet parking next time! We need to figure out how to find the theatre valet parking.

We had good seats, towards the middle. Their theatre is huge! The theatre opened 86 years ago, and has been standing ever since. My guess would be that there are approximately 3000 seats. There were cheers, whistles, applause and laughter throughout the play. Grandma laughed a lot, she likes to laugh.

There was an intermission. My theatre class is doing a Little Mermaid performance, but it's totally different than this play.

After the cast did "Under the Sea" everyone screamed with the aforementioned cheers, applause, etc. They even did a reprise of the song at the end of the play. You could say it was an audience-favorite.

It did not look like it was under water, they tried to make it look that way, and they added some humor to it. A lot of puppets were used. You could see the person's mouth moving when they were controlling the puppet, they were not ventriloquists.

Overall I recommend this play, although it is no longer playing at a theatre near you folks!

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