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Seussical 2017

“Oh, the thinks that you will think when you think about Seuss” Join the Cat in the Hat as he follows the adventures of Horton the Elephant, who despite all odds saves the Whos, protects the egg, and restores unity to the Jungle of Nool. A kaleidoscope of Dr. Seuss characters come to life to tell the story of loyalty, acceptance, and friendship.

Seussical the Musical was presented by Magical Starlight Theatre at Naperville Central High School. We got to sit close to the stage and our tickets were free! There were a gazillion characters and their costumes were colorful and flamboyant. Many characters were animals: monkees, birds, kangaroos, turtles, fish, an elephant (Horton) and a cat (in the Hat). The people characters were the Whos from Whoville.

I know several cast members and the assistant director who also did some makeup. It was a lively show. Overall it was very well done.

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