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New Year's Eve at The Comedy Shrine

The Comedy Shrine in Aurora had a New Year's Eve improv show that I went to with my parents and 2 friends. There was tons of comedy memorabilia all over the place: SpongeBob on the door, bobble heads, autographed pictures, replicas of the Blues Brothers, it almost totally covered the walls.

Inside the theatre there was even more memorabilia including a photo of Steve Martin with a fake arrow through his ears! On the tables there were New Year's crowns, beads, necklaces, some strips of paper to write on. The actors used the suggestions that we wrote on the papers. The ones from our table were very popular.

A lot of times, when somebody else laughs, I laugh along with them. I just think it's funny too.

They never broke character. It was good root beer, Goose Island.

I might try to see what their adult show is like, this was a family-friendly show. For the adult show, don't bring anyone under the age of 14.

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