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2016 - Going Back in Time

With several friends and Aurora Police Officers, I collected donations for Special Olympics! 1994 - birth of a salesman, me! Since I'm a good salesman, I got people to donate! It was enjoyable!

What a great night, I remember it well, collecting more donations for Special Olympics charity benefit. It was very sunny! I was in and out of the restaurant, working with the Aurora Police Officers. I saw my father go past me on his bike. There were a lot of customers in Culver's that day, it was hard to find a table!

Johnny Galecki was there!!! At a play I attended in Oak Park, where Johnny used to live. I felt like I was going to faint!!! If anyone were to catch me, I'd trample them. Biggest smile of my life!!!

There's Stormy doing his pressure - one of his most infamous moves! And he's looking good after his grooming!

Bye Bye Birdie was a success! Here I am as Albert saying "Agnes!!!"

Amy Rutledge came to interview us for WGN News. She was nice and funny and beautiful, we all had a good time talking about Kids in Toyland (the movie).

Before "THE Premiere" of Kids in Toyland was shown on the big screen at Hollywood Palms Theatre. We both look phenomenal here! It was my first appearance in a film, most likely not going to be my last.

NIFF - aka Naperville Independent Film Festival, featuring Kids in Toyland was a success. I then shortly remarked "I hope our film gets picked up by the Tribeca Film Festival in NY". If we're lucky, hopefully in the future it will be picked up by Tribeca. We were lucky to be in NIFF!

Yes, that's me on the big screen at NIFF! Who did you think it was, DiCaprio, De Niro Galecki?

This was the other Special Olympics charity night with Aurora Police Officers. Another night, more donations!

Ah, 2016 basketball tournament. We got second place! A long day, a great outcome! Afterall, you know the old saying, you win some, you lose some, i.e. easy come, easy go!

Lots of fun with North Central College, teaching them how to play bocce. I don't remember who won and who lost, who cares, we're just here to have fun and eat at the banquet afterwards!

Stuffed into Superman's car at Texas Roadhouse, volunteering for Special Olympics! Look at that decal WillRevForFuel!

This was 2016's Superhero Camp, Captain America took to the skies to the tune of R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly".

Dancing with Besties - alternate title, Learning to Waltz. I would NOT step on her toes!

Theatre Manager role in a cabaret "Let's Go To The Movies". Lots of laughs, song and dance. A good time was had by all!

The photo you are looking at was actually taken at a TKD tournament in February 2016. I achieved my goal and now have a purple belt.

Please enjoy the rest of these pictures from 2016:

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