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Ho Ho Holidays

Christkindlmarket is an outdoor market with vendors selling food and gifts. It is located at Naper Settlement. I had the opportunity to sing Christmas carols with Artful Impact, where I go for theatre class.

There were about 15 singers. We sang a collection of various holiday songs such as "Let It Snow", "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" and "Deck the Halls".

It was freezing cold but no snow. People stopped by to listen. We sang to them. Occasionally people sang along with our group. Miss Heather provided the music. We provided our singing voices!

My favorite holiday song is "Silent Night" because it is a beautiful Christmas song, being sung for over 80 years and being world-famous. We did not sing it at Christkindlmarket.

This was a one-time performance, if you missed us, too late, we're done!

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