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Let's Go To The Movies

School of Performing Arts Naperville in association with Artful Impact productions presented "Let's Go To The Movies", a cabaret show that premiered November 19, 2016. Actors included: the incomparable Caitlin, myself of course, Rachel, Gabby, Soenum, Callie, Hailee, Mark, Forrest, Maryann, Elisabeth, just to name a few.

I had two roles in the show: 1) a minor role as Obi-Wan Kenobi 2) my main role was as the theatre manager. Caitlin and Maryann were 2 of the ghostbusters. Others were various singers, dancers and ghostbusters.

This was a cabaret performance provided by the aforementioned sponsors. There was a ghostbusters story wrapped around a bunch of songs/music from a bunch of movies. For example, "Let's Go To The Movies", music from Harry Potter, very brief ET theme, the theme from Jaws, the theme from Titanic, the theme from Superman, the Imperial March from Star Wars, Rocky III's "Eye of the Tiger".

My character comes in the beginning and ending.

The performance was held in the new studio for School of Performing Arts. It was a tight squeeze because only half of the studio is currently available. The audience liked the sound and lighting.

Theatre is fun! I started around 2011. I've done improv, plays, musicals, cabarets, dancing, singing - all of the above! Like the 2010 show Victorious tells you, improv is literally acting without a script. It takes a lot of years to become a professional actor, even I'm not up there yet. It takes a lot of rehearsals for each show, although it's ironic that we had only 4 weeks to rehearse the previous show. I still had a few butterflies to work out, but they're gone now. There are always critics, but overall it feels good to have put on a show!

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