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Basketball Blues

The Silver Stars basketball team had its first game! On the team we have: me, Caitlin, Randy, Heidi, just to name a few. Coach John is once again our coach, second year in a row. We played against the Gold Stars, more of an aggressive team. Both teams are with Fox Valley Special Recreation Association (FVSRA).

There were a few memorable plays that come to mind. On the team I'm known as AK. I played some really good defense, but only in the last 4 minutes of the game. Alex (not me) played really well, he made a couple baskets. Randy was pretty good at stealing the ball from the other team. Caitlin did fantastic! She had a good luck charm, a locket with a picture of her beloved horse, the late Joey, in it. I did not have any good luck charms. I would have seen if our turkey had a wishbone, but Grandma had already thrown out the bones. Not too many other players come to mind.

The only player I knew on the other team was Curtis, and he was HUGE! He was overtowering me at some points. He was impossible to stop. He blocked all our shots. At the end, it was one of the other teams' player's birthday, they handed out cupcakes, but I passed because they were not gluten-free and I'm sort of on a diet.

We play on Tuesday evenings. This game was a home game in Batavia. Next week is a home game too, against the Wildcats.

I've been playing basketball since I was little. Perhaps 12 or 14 years ago, two of my cousins sent over a Franklin brand basketball hoop, which is now in my basement. Me and my father would compete against each other. That started my interest in basketball. Although I have been playing basketball since middle school, when I first got into Special Olympics. And I'm tall, basketball is a good game for a tall person. And it's good exercise. And it's fun to be on the same team with friends.

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