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The year was 1998, the company Tiger Electronics (now defunct) and Furby hit the scene, quickly becoming popular. My Furby's name was Tolu-Ka. I don't remember getting him specifically. Furby is a toy that talks and makes noises. Some of his phrases are:


La La La La Hee hee hee

Hey tickle

Pet again

Don't like

I don't really like the scratchy and metallic sound effects.

He makes a purring noise! He also makes a snoring sound!

Here is a link in case you want to translate Furbish to English:

Here you can see Tolu-Ka in action:

Did I like having Furby as a toy? Yes and No. Yes because he was so cute! And no because of the sound effects when his ears moved.

You can find a Furby for yourself if you search on Ebay for "Furby 1998", ranging in price from $25 - $900!

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