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I do 3 swimming classes: one at Rush-Copley on Thursdays at 5pm; the other two are at the Vaughan Center on Fridays. The Vaughan Center classes are Water Walkers and a regular swim lesson. Water Walkers is like the name says - we exercise in the pool using barbells made of styrofoam. We walk, run, jog. The water is about 3 feet deep whereas my regular swim class at Vaughan varies but is usually 3-6 feet deep.

The regular swim lesson at Vaughan Center is pretty cool. It's the same teacher as the class at Rush-Copley. We've been working on the butterfly stroke. I wear prescription swim goggles. I wear a shirt while I swim.


I am on a team through FVSRA (Fox Valley Special Recreation Association). I am on the same team that Caitlin and Randy are on. Coach John is the same as last year. Niko is new to the team, I don't know too much about him. He started playing yesterday.

I play center the majority of the time, probably because of my height. Yesterday we played our very first scrimmage game, although Caitlin and Randy did not come to practice. At one point, a player from the opposing team grabbed me by the neck. It was frightening, she was a very aggressive girl. She got taken out for a couple minutes as a result of that behavior. It was just a practice game. I got a lot of baskets during practice!


Bowling is my favorite sport overall. In a way it's not as much of a sport as a leisure activity, but I still consider it a sport. I play with Caitlin, Rachel and Randy. We make a great team, the 4 of us. Last week we dressed up in Halloween costumes. Caitlin's was the best of them all. She was a Ghostbuster, complete with toy gun and proton pack! I was a box of Nerds, including nerdy shoes and nerdy hat.

We bowl during dinner time, so we order individual foods and drinks during the bowling. Normally me and Caitlin get gluten-free pizza. Rachel always gets the kids quesadilla. For a drink we mostly get diet Dr. Pepper for Caitlin and I because she is my bestie and besties do things together.

Most weeks at bowling there are prizes.


Honestly my least favorite activity. Why, you ask? I'll tell you. It's exhausting mainly because of all the exercising and stretching throughout. Me and Randy go there for basketball training. We work on getting our arms stronger so we can shoot the basketball better, among other things.

I wish I could squeeze another Special Olympics sport into my schedule, equestrian. Equestrian means "horse" and my bestie and I both love horses!

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