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Fall Photos

I'm beginning to take photos of places I enjoy, people I like and things that are interesting to me. Hope you enjoy~!

Springbrook Prairie 11/1/2016

These are my first photos with the FujiFilm camera. FujiFilm was founded on January 20, 1934. As early as the 1980's they started making the switch from film to digital.

These pictures were taken after Stormy was at Gail's Groomerie, in the afternoon. The shadows are radical.

Springbrook Prairie is a forest preserve in Naperville. It has a dog park section, but we don't go there. We use the trails for exercise. Stormy is very excited when getting out of the car - he loves walking! Who doesn't? We take the curvy path, sort of spirally.

We go there whenever we can.

Other photos will be coming soon to a blog post near you!!!

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