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What is Life without Music?

I started singing some Beatles songs in the Magical Mystery Tour Cabaret show in 2015, which started my interest in the Beatles.

I completed working on and recording "Yesterday" with my singing coach Giana. Working with a singing coach is not as fun and easy as you would expect. There's a cute hamster named Penelope Nibbles in the studio, I like to greet her. Occasionally I get to feed her. It's tough because my hands are so big, I have to bend them the correct way otherwise they won't fit through the cage opening.

She starts off with a warm-up of scales and solfège. We do that for about a half hour. Since we were going grocery shopping afterwards, Stormy could not come with.

At about 9:30, we take a snack break. That's usually when we feed Penelope. After that, we work on a song. We were working on "Yesterday", now we're working on "She Loves You". It's a fun song, but I think it's going to take time to learn.

This song is quite difficult. I need to work on getting my voice to not crackle; there are high notes and it's allergy season. I also need to work on my breathing.

I usually sing along with a recording of the song. When I record it in a separate sound booth, I can hear the instrumentals but I'm the only one singing the words.

I work on trying to control my volume and my tempo.

I hate hearing myself, of course most people hate hearing themselves. When I listen to the playback, I'm like, "Is that me singing?" My voice sounds higher in volume when I'm recorded.

We end the class about 10ish.

I get homework. It's hard to find time to do the homework.

A goal is that singing lessons help with theatre class.

My advice for anyone to be a singer is don't be afraid, just step up to the mic, it's OK if you nervously chuckle!

Thanks for listening!!!

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