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Snorks started as a comic book in 1982. Snorks was an animated TV program produced in partnership with Hanna-Barbera, which started out as an unaired 3-minute pilot. The series aired from 1984 - 1989.

A lot like SpongeBob, the show also takes place under water. Snorks have snorkels on their heads, which push them through the water. When a Snork becomes excited their tube makes a "snork" sound. Also like Spongebob, Snorks use clams for money (even though in SpongeBob, both money - U.S. currency - and clams are used). They also wear clothes which makes them seem more human.

Snorks aired at the same time as Smurfs, but was not as successful. You'd think that with more colorful characters (Smurfs are all blue), it would be the opposite!

For a list of characters, see

For a list of the 65 total episodes, see

I still remember the main Snorks theme song from my childhood.

And for your further enjoyment, here's a Snorks coloring sheet:

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