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Kids in Toyland Wins Audience Choice Award from NIFF

“Kids In Toyland” was written by Ms. Erin Feeney, a long time SPECTRUM actor, dancer and singer. Ms. Feeney’s story is a fairy tale that touches on the subject of bullying. Surging Films and Theatrics, under the direction of Billy Surges, led every part of the production process from turning the short story into a screenplay, directing the actors, editing the film to interviewing parents and actors for the documentary portion of the project.

The film was entered into the Naperville Independent Film Festival and won the Audience Choice Award for 2016! We were thrilled to watch the film again at North Central College and I was introduced to the audience as a cast member.

We are curious whether the film will be entered into the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City.

If you haven't seen Kids in Toyland, here's the trailer:

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