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Zoo trip

The Celebrate Differences group went to Phillips Park Zoo in Aurora. One animal that we saw is the gray wolf.

Fun Facts:

  • The Wolf is the largest member of the canine family.

  • A Wolf’s lifespan is about 12 years in the wild, and up to 16 in captivity.

  • Wolves range in color from grizzled gray, to black to all white.

  • Wolves in the wild, prey on mammals such as Elk, Moose and Deer. They will also feed on smaller mammals such as Beaver and Rabbits.

  • Wolves live in packs with the Alpha Male and Alpha Female leading the packs.

  • Wolves communicate by howling (vocalizing), scent marking, body expressions, and facial expressions.

  • Wolves can weigh 55-130 pounds.

One part I did not like was the Lizard House. We saw 2 alligators, which was cool.

Fun Facts:

  • Alligator populations were once nearly wiped out due to excessive hunting.

  • In 1968, they were classified as endangered species.

  • Alligator teeth are often shed and replaced; old alligators may have had up to 50 sets of teeth.

  • Juveniles eat insects, fish and frogs while adults eat terrestrial prey that come within range.

  • A healthy alligator can go months without eating. They store fat in their bodies and tails.

  • American Alligators can be anywhere from 9-14 feet long.

I suppose I would go there again, but not with my mom.

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