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What's the scoop at Culver's?

This police officer arrested us for having a good time - gotcha!!!

Officer Rodriguez and the Aurora IL Police Department had a fundraiser at Culvers for Special Olympics. I concentrated on selling raffle tickets for a short time - the winner gets a Harley Davidson motorcycle. A lot of people made donations also!

Special Olympics fundraiser at Culvers with Aurora IL Police Department

Scoopie, the Culver's mascot, joined us for a quick pic. That's me hugging him!

I ate the Strawberry Fields salad with Thousand Island dressing. That's my favorite kind of dressing. I had a small Dr. Pepper to drink, and a delicious medium Oreo - Cookie Dough Concrete Mixer. At one point a yellow jacket landed on me.

My father just happened to show up on his bike. I got to see the incomparable Gayle!!! I saw Caitlin as well.

I wish I knew how much money we raised, but the report is not in yet.

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