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Season One - Episode: Suds

SpongeBob gets hungry in the middle of the night. He decides to make himself a seanut butter and jelly sandwich. I think there was milk. SpongeBob finally fell asleep but he made the cruel mistake of leaving his fridge open at night. The next day we find SpongeBob's house frozen. We find him sneezing on his bed. He walks toward his bathroom but he slips and ends up ricocheting in different directions including his windows. "I don't get colds, I get the suds" says SpongeBob to Gary.

SpongeBob doesn't want to miss work because he'e sick, so he decides to work instead. His plan almost works, however Mr. Krabs catches him in the act and sends him home. Back at home he continues sneezing until Patrick comes over. Patrick asks SpongeBob if he's skiing and SpongeBob says "I'm not skiing, I'm going to the doctor". Patrick tells him not to go to he doctors and to prevent this, Patrick attempts to help SpongeBob. Methods include yanking one of his 2 buck teeth out, putting a bandage on him in several directions. Sandy comes over, Patrick tries to prevent Sandy from taking SpongeBob to the hospital, so he hides SpongeBob under Patrick's rock telling Sandy it's his mobile home. Sandy and Patrick eventually fight and SpongeBob rolls down the hill and across the Krusty Krab where the Chum Bucket usually is.

SpongeBob almost collides into the Krusty Krab but Mr. Krabs stops him. SpongeBob sneezes right in front of Mr. Krabs then goes to the hospital. He questions the doctor about reading old magazines. The doctor says "no silly, you get the sponge treatment". A montage is shown of a live action hand named Hans putting SpongeBob in different places, including Tom Kenny's back (the voice of SpongeBob ) while showering. Hans then brings him out saying "I love the doctor". Patrick, then jealous of his treatment, blows a bubble and says "Hey doc, I got the suds too"!

The doctor sarcastically responds with "Oh yes Patrick, we've got a special treatment for you". Patrick then gets a different treatment including Hans rubbing him on a catcus and in a toilet bowl. Patrick says to the audience, breaking the fourth wall, "Hey this doesn't seem right!". The episode then fades to black.

Moral: Never fake the suds!!!

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