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Performing on the Big Stage: Bits of Birdie!!!

KidsMatter is an organization that helps youth and their families. They sponsored an evening called KidsMatter/Ignite the Nite! April 16 7 PM @ Wentz Concert Hall at North Central College.

My group performed Bits of Birdie, which is the first scene of Bye Bye Birdie, an upcoming performance.

Getting ready: I got to wear Axe deodorant, I used hair styling products to keep my nice hair, my glasses were clean, I wore a wireless microphone.

The stage was large, the largest I have performed on! There was professional lighting and a photographer.

Alex Kotas, circled

I was running a little late because the parking garage was full, so I entered the theatre by myself and got directions for where to go. I waited in the dressing room until it was time to perform. It was crowded backstage. It was exciting, scary and fun. We saw a real ballerina!!!

While performing, it was not possible to see who was in the audience because of the lighting.

We were a hit!!! It was a great honor for me to be in this performance. I like to support a good cause. It was fun to see all the talent, such as the guy who played piano and guitar. There were about 18 acts, so that's a lot of talent!!!

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