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Stormy Passes With Flying Colors

On Monday night my service dog Stormy and I completed a vigorous test – we tested for his service dog certification.

The test was held at Louis-Joliet Mall, and contained many parts. In the mall there was a food court and many stores. Stormy had to go under a table and stay. He had to walk in and out of stores. I had to show that I had control of my dog in all situations and that he would listen to me without being distracted by other people, noises or smells.

The hardest part of the test for Stormy was when a little girl was used to try and divert Stormy’s attention, but he passed with ease and stayed calm and focused on me.

The easiest part of the test for me was eating a piece of Sbarro pizza after we completed the test.


To sum it up, Stormy passed with flying colors!

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