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Do You Believe in Theatre?

KidsMatter/Ignite the Nite! April 16 7 PM @ Wentz Concert Hall

I have been memorizing my lines and practicing for an upcoming event, “Ignite the Nite!” sponsored by Naperville KidsMatter.

KidsMatter is an organization that helps youth and their families.

Me and a few of my fellow School of Performing Acts/Spectrum actors will be performing, “Bits of Birdie,” a scene from our upcoming play, “Bye Bye Birdie”. I play Albert and it’s a fun role because Albert is the president of his own music company and he’s always frantic!

Wish me luck and say, “Break a leg!”. I will let you all know how the evening goes.

BTW, where did the phrase, “Break a leg” come from? There are lots of opinions on that … check it out on Wikipedia.

Which explanation do you like?!

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