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Moving on to Blue!!!

The blue belt is the 6th belt that you can earn. You earn belts in Tae Kwon Do by completing tests. The tests get more difficult with each belt. This test was diabolical.

This is NOT a written test. The test corresponds to the 4 belt tapes you need to collect: kicking, form, 1-step-sparring, and board breaking. Form refers to doing moves as part of a routine, you have to get the moves right and in the right sequence.

Kicking has never been easier !!!

My mom liked the results but she claims I was over-hyper. Frankly I don't see that.

Time to retire the purple belt!

As you can see, I passed the test and therefore have the right to test for the next belt after 5 belt tapes. It was interesting, I went to Domino's Pizza and a guy noticed my new blue belt! He thought I was taking karate, but my mom set him straight.

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