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Stormy: Bigger and Better Than Ever !!!

Can you guess what's in the picture?

It's not Alf, but somebody very familiar ...

It's Stormy! Here's an update on how he's been doing.

Training - going pretty well, he listens basically to everything we tell him, he needs to work on the rules. The rules are that if we don't take care of him properly, they will take him back. That's because he's unlike other dogs, he's a service dog. He jumps on my father when he comes into the house, which is something he should not be doing.

Sometimes he listens to commands from me. He mostly listens to dad. But when you tell him "No jumping", he jumps!

He's very overprotective. Like he'll bark at the smallest thing, i.e. the neighbors; whenever he sees them across the street, he barks at them! Because he acts like a watchdog.

The other day, we were having our dinner, and mom realized that he had grown! He's about 46 pounds. He's supposed to eat more because when he doesn't eat enough, he spews up yellow vomit. So we have to get him some special food from the vet to prevent said problem. It's been working!

In 15 days, he'll be 9 months old - way to go Stormy!

Whenever we're at the dinner table, he always wants to eat our food/crumbs that might have fallen on the floor. And when we drop a crumb, he's going to eat it because he loves to eat!

He and the cat never really didn't get along, she was always hissing at him and he'd just ignore her. But yesterday mom saw them taking a nap in front of each other in the sunlight of her bedroom window!

He still likes his walks, mostly daily. More than likely mom will go with him instead of me -- I'm a cat person! LOL

Warning: do not let Stormy read this!

I still have mixed feelings about the puppy because prior to that, it has been 9 years living without a dog.


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