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Award-winning Basketball Team

Basketball started in the fall of 2015. This is my first year on the team.

Christina (not pictured) is a team member who is a fantastic player! Heidi is aggressive on defense and on offense. CV is a fast runner and is fast on rebounds.

Coach John is a coach who has taught us a lot.

The first thought that comes to my mind when I see this medal is "2nd place". This award really shows a lot about me, shows how I am actually learning how to play the game. On the front is the Special Olympics logo. On the back there's a man and woman holding a torch on a racetrack, much like the regular Olympics !!! Maybe the torch holders won 2nd place in their event!

The tournament was very tough. We won the first game but lost the second. We didn't qualify to go to State. There was a lot of pressure.

Stormy was not at the tournament but he does go to the regular games. It was too long to drive him to the tournament.

Our team lost last night at a regular game but played strong. I humiliated myself on the court. I got fouled 5 times, I was overly aggressive. The Coach said I did good, I disagree. There was 1 play when I was trying to grab the ball. I was reaching behind one of the players' backs, I ended up hugging him! It was strangely amusing.

There was 1 time when the score was 26 - 20. Stormy was cheering us on from the bottom of the bleachers.

Stormy got hit on the tail by the basketball. Somebody threw it and it landed on his tail. He was brave and let it go. He was the 3 C's - cool, calm and collective. We're glad he was OK.

He's an award-winning dog!!!

It was a long drive. We had to drive from my dad's office in Romeoville to Alsip. We were in the car a long time.

Stormy was quiet the entire ride.

Our team has a great reputation!


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