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Stormy Rides Again

Prologue: Stormy is my service dog. He helps me. We got him last Monday 12/1/2015. We're not entirely sure what breed he is but his papers say he is a cockapoo. He was born April 21, 2015. When Stormy is wearing his vest, he is working. When a service dog is working, you are not supposed to pet them.

Places We've Gone

basketball practice - Everybody was very nice to Stormy. They ran up to him at the first practice. He did not jump on anyone. He was well-behaved during practice. He took 1 break to go outside at the beginning of practice. He did not need another break until we got home.

dog training - He did not behave very well. When I told him to sit or lay down, he just stayed. I worked with him the entire time at training. We are working on basic commands, there are at least 5 commands: sit, stay, not yours, come, no, etcetera.

xmas tree - We got a real tree Saturday night from Home Depot. Stormy was in his cage while we were gone, and got out when we got home. He sniffed everything, from the stand upward. He did not bark at it, but he did start to drink the pine tree water when the tree was first put up. That's when you tell him "No, not yours".

watched me swim at Rush-Copley - We asked the instructor ahead of time if we could bring Stormy in to watch me swim. Fortunately, she said yes!!! Stormy started out in the locker room with me. He was very patient and well-behaved. I wish I could have brought him into the pool since he is a "therapy dog". He could not go in the water. He sat on the side and watched. He was psyched to see me swim.

tae kwon doe - Before class, I asked Master Yu if I could bring Stormy with me. Towards the very end of class, Master Yu finally got to meet Stormy, but unfortunately Stormy jumped up to Master Yu. Hopefully Stormy will behave better today.

vet - Saturday morning we took Stormy to the vet. Unfortunately he has a yeast infection and we have to give him ear medicine. We also need to brush his teeth daily. After the vet trip he was awarded a dog cookie.

outside - We take Stormy for walks down our street. When we got back to the house, instead of going back in, we played around with his tennis ball while I was swinging on the swingset. Occasionally he would bring the ball back, occasionally he would leave it go. He jumped in a pile of leaves. That was his idea because he loves to play. He has a lot of toys. The baby alligator is his favorite toy, it quietly squeaks.

It was tough taking care of him for a week. We can't leave him alone all the time, we take him with us everywhere we go!!!

Epilogue: Stormy is learning to stay down and not jump on people when wearing his vest. He sometimes barks when he sees another dog and/or people. He's not supposed to do that when he's wearing his vest.

More Stormy adventures coming soon to a blog post near you!!!

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