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Big Bird: Where Is He Now???

In 2012, Mitt Romney generated interest in Big Bird, increasing his popularity. Mr. Romney was talking about how PBS gets its funding and said “We're not going to kill Big Bird, but Big Bird's going to have to have advertisements, all right?” Read more at

He is 8'2" tall, way too tall for human contact!

Big Bird went to the moon on an interstitial for PBS in early 2000s with NO HELMET! He would die up there! See for yourself:

The first shot of Big Bird looking straight at the camera has creeped me out from the very first moment I saw it until today.

The kid is also not wearing a helmet on the moon. They would both die up there.

But after all, it is a commercial.

After a rerun of Anne of Green Gables, I saw this commercial for the first time. The music made me feel scared. I'm still in shock over the music. Some parts are peaceful, but other parts get to me.

Big Bird appeared on Deal or No Deal to help a man get over his fear of Big Bird. I think it worked!!!

Does anybody really like Big Bird ???

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